How to Shuck an Oyster

How to Shuck an Oyster

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There is nothing quite like the taste of a raw, freshly shucked oyster. If you are like us and are a real oyster lover, you know just how delicious this can be. However, while many of us love the taste of fresh shucked oysters, most people still aren’t entirely sure how to do the shucking. Not to worry, we have you covered.

Shucking Oysters

Here’s how you can shuck an oyster, and look like a pro while you do it.

Step 1: Take a towel, napkin or plastic glove to cover your hand so you can firmly hold the oyster in place, even the shell can get slippery and you don’t want to cut yourself.

Step 2: Grab an oyster-shucking knife in the other hand. Make sure to find a real oyster-shucking knife, it makes the entire process much easier.

Step 3: Place the tip of the knife at the base of the hinge of the oyster, where it opens and closes. Use pressure to twist the knife inside the hinge and then lever it upwards to pry the shell open. This can take a little practice but you will get it in time.

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Step 4: Take the knife and cut under the top sheel of the actual oyster. This will release the oyster from the shell so you can eat it. If you are serving the oyster to others, keep it in the shell for easier eating.

Step 5: Add the dressing of your choice, such as horseradish, lemon juice or cocktail sauce and enjoy.

Tips for New Oyster Shuckers:

  • Never shuck an oyster that isn’t tightly shut. You should always buy oysters shut, never open. Otherwise they may not be safe to eat.
  • When storing your oysters before shucking, put them in the refrigerator with their rounded-side down. Keeping them cold makes it easier.
  • If you are serving oysters to others, serve them on a bowl of ice.
  • Clean the outside of the oysters before shucking. If they are really fresh, the outside of the shell may have a few surprises attached to it.
  • Do not spill the liquid when shucking oysters. This is important for serving and it keeps the oyster fresh.

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Lionfish Oysters

Still seem a little complicated? Don’t worry, here at Lionfish we will take the hard work out of the equation for you. We always have fresh, delicious raw oysters available at our San Diego Restaurant and they always come pre-shucked and ready for you to enjoy. So even though you have learned a valuable new skill, you don’t necessarily need to go put it to use quite yet. Instead, come down to Happy Hour at Lionfish to enjoy our pre-shucked oysters today.