Wine Lovers Unite for Vino Sundays at Lionfish

Wine Lovers Unite for Vino Sundays at Lionfish

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Settle into Vino Sundays and Enjoy Regional Wines at Lionfish

When you think about your favorite experiences, which ones top the list? For us at Lionfish, it’s almost always the little things, those small moments that create the landscape of our lives. We enjoy lush flavors, the aroma of incredible food, and the completely immersive experience of enjoying all of this with people we can’t get enough of.

For us, there are few things better in life than sitting back, sharing an incredible meal and sipping on a fantastic glass of vino. This is a scenario that hits all the points – great company, intoxicating aromas, and smooth flavors that linger on your palate. At Lionfish, our entire concept is built around cutting edge innovation in cuisine, coupled with a commitment to sustainability and supporting our community. We know none of this would be possible without you, and to say thank you (and maybe to encourage you try a few new vinos along the way), we’re presenting you with Vino Sundays at Lionfish.

What Are Vino Sundays at Lionfish?

At Lionfish, we want to create an experience for you. As a seafood restaurant in downtown San Diego, we’re relentless in presenting you with the freshest, sustainable seafood entrees – all prepared in unique ways to bring out the very best flavors in everything. While seafood might be the star of the show, there’s also something to be said about what accompanies your meal. Wine, in all its glorious varieties, makes for a perfect companion to our dishes.

Our wine menu features a selection of varieties from California wineries, as well as other top vintages sourced from all around the world. The care we’ve put into building our selection of vino mimics the intense devotion with which the entire Lionfish menu was created. Why? Because we know that the right wine can elevate a dish and create an unforgettable experience.

To celebrate a love for incredible food and great wine, we open our doors every week to welcome you to our Vino Sundays. On Vino Sunday, you can come in and enjoy half priced bottles of wine, all evening long. Looking for an excuse to grab a few of your favorite people and spend an evening sharing plates, talking and making great memories? We just gave you the perfect reason to plan a Sunday evening escape at Lionfish.

The Vinos at Lionfish

There are a couple different ways you can approach Vino Sundays at Lionfish. You might see it as an opportunity to come in, relax, and enjoy sharing your absolute favorite bottle of wine – maybe even one you only reserve for special occasions. There’s definitely something to he said for sticking with a wine you already have mad adoration for.

There’s also the perspective that a half priced bottle of wine is an incredible deal, which makes it all the more tempting to explore our wine menu and maybe branch out to try something you’ve heard rave reviews about or maybe a vino that seems to have your curiosity on fire. You never know when you might discover a new favorite, and the only way to find out is by allowing yourself the indulgence of a little exploration through the world’s wine countries that are represented on our wine list.

If you’re a fan of chardonnay, you’ll have your pick of some of the highest regarded wines from California and France, along with a selection of other fine white wines from Austria, New Zealand, and Italy.

If reds are your thing, the selection at Lionfish ranges from full bodied Zinfandels to mellow merlots. Our selection of red vinos represents the various wine regions of California, France, and Argentina.

If you’re uncertain about which wine is best suited to your mood or will best accompany the delicious food that’s about to land on your table, our attentive staff is more than happy to answer your questions and guide you to an incredible vino to enhance your experience at Lionfish.

Sunday Is the Perfect Day for Vino

Sunday is a day of relaxation and leisure. It’s the day before most of us trudge on head first into the long week ahead. You deserve a little break, and to pamper yourself with a little indulgence. There’s no better way of treating yourself than to make plans to join Lionfish for Vino Sundays. Trust that there are other wine lovers out there who are having the very same thought, so don’t wait too long to let us know you’re planning on joining us so we can save a table for you. RSVP for Vino Sundays by contacting us at Lionfish and making a reservation today.