What People are Saying About the Lionfish Rooftop

What People are Saying About the Lionfish Rooftop

lionfish rooftop

If you ever find yourself in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, then you absolutely need to stop by Lionfish for dinner. Our menu of modern coastal cuisine is delicious and innovative, and our rooftop dining experience allows you and your party to dine under the San Diego stars. Conveniently located at the Pendry San Diego, our combination of a beautiful atmosphere and our delicious fresh-caught seafood makes Lionfish a restaurant that’s quickly become a go-to spot.

But don’t take our word for it. Here what others are saying.

Dmas6 had a great time at the Lionfish Rooftop, and shared the experience on Trip Advisor:

“What a nice rooftop bar and restaurant. I had an opportunity to visit the rooftop bar prior to our dinner and it was beautiful. I will say the team of waitresses were very nice and made everyone feel comfortable. Now the dinner was outstanding. I loved the filet and the potatoes were amazing. The chocolate cake dessert was one I would come back again for. Definitely visit the rooftop bar then have dinner after.

Cindy Y. had her “best meal ever” at Lionfish:

“Best Meal Ever. The food was positively extraordinary! The ambiance was romantic, elegant, classy! Cannot wait to go back!”

And MJames88 raved about the quality of the food:

First time here and it was fantastic! Great wine list and many offerings on the menu from sushi, ceviche, to grilled main dishes. The sushi and sashimi were excellent! We had the yellowtail ceviche appetizer that was amazing! Lionfish creates so many very interesting appetizers that it was hard for us to choose. The scallops, halibut, and sea bass were prepared to perfection with a great harmony of flavors. Nice atmosphere that is casual, but upscale. The service was right on from the hostess that had the table we requested to the attentive wait staff. Overall a great restaurant and experience.

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According to Blaneo36, Lionfish is a “must-visit”:

Outstanding everything. Trendy, very, very alive and fun. Professional staff all round. Excellent drink, wine and beer selection. All kinds of delicious and creative small plates. A must visit in SD.”

And Steve R. called Lionfish a “WOW place”:

There’s a lot of very good restaurants in the San Diego area, quite a few great restaurants, for various reasons, and only a handful of WOW, I’ve gotta go back soon places.

This one of those WOW places and I can’t wait to get back.

This place is in the south end of The Gaslamp district where many restaurants lay in wait, packed really with all ends of the quality spectrum but this one is a standout and now one of my favorites anywhere in San Diego.

It’s beautiful with outstanding seafood but it’s funny, two of my favorite things were meat. The pork belly and the duck tacos which are a excellent start to the dinner.

Trust me….GO.

William S. gave Lionfish a great review on Yelp:

The lionfish is a very beautiful yet strong predator fish that takes the attention from any room. This restaurant is a contender in SD culinary scene and should not be ignored. The Lionfish seafood restaurant in Gaslamp is a beautiful place to have a nice dinner with a special someone, a chic and trendy seafood fusion place. You are definitely paying for a clean, positive vibe setting. Food tastes great, and the service is impeccable. Know that your hard earned dollars will get a fine experience here at the Lionfish restaurant. 

Started with some duck confit tostadas, this tastes similar to the tostadas (foie gras Mexicana, scallion, savoy cabbage) served at the Poolhouse within Pendry. Exceptional crunch and savory flavor nonetheless. For the mains, we got a big eye tuna nigiri flight and glazed salmon creek pork chop. The flight came with 4 rolls, my fave was the bone marrow topping. The pork chop taste was intense! Them chop juices rushed along the side of the lips with each bite. Winner!

The staff was very attentive, and the water was never empty. Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time to get a nice table. 

lionfish rooftop

I need to come back for the happy hour. Long live King Lionfish!”

NGXX summed up the experience we strive to provide every Lionfish visitor:

“Perfect. Initially went in for their delicious cocktails, but the service was so good, that we asked the concierge at the Pendry to book us for dinner the following night. Excellent choice of sharing platters and entrees, we ordered a mixture of things to share and it was all delicious. We sat outside and enjoyed the great SD weather while watching the world go by. The cost was very similar to some of the less upscale restaurants serving mediocre drinks & food…..we’ll be back!

Convinced that you need to dine at Lionfish? We recommend that you make a reservation to ensure prompt seating. Create your reservation online today. We can’t wait to see you.