What our Fishermen are Catching off the Shores of San Diego

What our Fishermen are Catching off the Shores of San Diego

Jojo Ruiz and Sous Chef at Lionfish - San Diego Seafood

Sustainable Selections for the San Diego Seafood Aficionado

When it comes to sustainable seafood, fresh is best! 

At Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine, we’re committed to offering our customers the most flavorful cuisine possible. Of course, it’s not hard when you have great ingredients. Our Chefs are fortunate to have a great bounty of fresh, sustainable seafood available in the nearby Pacific Ocean which is readily available to them! 

Under the watchful eye of Head Chef JoJo Ruiz, the freshest seafood available is transformed into mouth watering creations for your dining pleasure. Whether it’s a seasonal offering, a short term special, or a permanent offering on our menu, there are always plenty of delicious fresh seafood offerings to choose from. 

So what’s fresh off the fishing boat right now? Here’s what our fishermen are catching off the shores of San Diego for you to enjoy at our ocean friendly restaurant


Lightly sweet, meaty, and completely satisfying…who can resist the siren call of crabs on a seafood menu? We’re crab crazy at Lionfish as of late, with plenty of delicious offerings featuring the tasty crustaceans. On our Hot Plates menu, you’ll find a popular favorite: Butter-Poached King Crab Leg, which is served with caviar, leeks, lemon, and roasted garlic butter.  Buttery, unctious, and full of rich flavor, this menu item is a popular favorite and truly can’t be missed. 

Rock Cod at Lionfish - San Diego Seafood

Rock Cod Fish

Also known as Pacific rockfish or Pacific snapper, this is a white-fleshed fish caught near the shore on the West Coast. It has a mild flavor and a firm yet slightly flaky texture, which makes it an exceedingly versatile fish for cooking. It can be steamed, poached, fried, grilled, or even enjoyed raw in sushi or sashimi style creations. Look for it as an upcoming special at Lionfish!

Spot Prawns at Lionfish - San Diego Seafood

Spot Prawns

If you’ve never tried a spot prawn, you’re in for a real treat. While they’re technically a type of shrimp, spot prawns look almost like little lobsters. Their firm texture and naturally sweet flavor is fairly lobster-like, too! 

Spot prawns are particularly associated with the Santa Barbara area, and are sometimes even called “Santa Barbara spot prawns”. However, they are harvested through much of the Pacific. 

Spot prawns can be cooked in the same methods that shrimp and prawns are traditionally cooked, but unlike regular shrimp or prawns they’re also well suited to raw preparations too. 

Psst: Curious about the difference between prawns and shrimp? While both have five pairs of legs, they have different amounts of claws: prawns have three, and shrimp have two. They also have differences in their overall shape and their gills, as well. However, in terms of cooking, they’re often treated interchangeably. 

White Seabass

We’re all looking forward to white seabass season at Lionfish! Wait..what’s white seabass?

If you’re not from California or a hardcore foodie, it’s possible you’ve never heard of white seabass. Also referred to as Pacific white seabass, it’s native to southern California and is relatively little-known elsewhere. 

Technically, it’s not a bass at all, but is related to Louisiana’s redfish. This perhaps explains why white seabass has a different texture than traditional bass. It’s extremely meaty, and has a slightly sweet flavor. It’s suitable for a wide variety of preparations, and can even stand up to robust flavors. 


No, not the tuna! Yellowtail is a fish that is caught in Southern California and Mexico. It has a subtle, buttery flavor with the slightest bit of sweetness. At Lionfish, we let its natural flavor shine in our Coal Grilled Local Yellowtail entree, which is served with butter confit, wild mushrooms, daikon, savoy cabbage, and Tosazu sauce (a delicious fermented vinegar sauce). 

At Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine, we’re committed to offering our guests a truly unforgettable and “only in San Diego” dining experience. By working with local fishermen to procure the freshest and best seasonal offerings, we are able to offer you delicious entrees, appetizers, and small plates that reflect the bounty of our local seas! We hope that you’ll join us soon to enjoy the fresh catch of the day at our lively Gaslamp Quarter seafood restaurant. Make your reservation today

Have you tried any of these San Diego seafood specialties?