Embrace Your Inner Cupid with a Valentine’s Celebration at Lionfish

Embrace Your Inner Cupid with a Valentine’s Celebration at Lionfish


Love Is in the Air at Lionfish with Our Valentine’s Celebration

Walk outside and take a deep breath. There’s something there, what is it…could it be love in the air? It’s that time of year again when Cupid is gearing up to make his grand appearance, and sweethearts everywhere are working on planning something extra special for their love on Valentine’s Day. Then again, maybe you’re a little tired of Cupid’s big day being all about couples and want to celebrate the day with friends and family that you adore. No matter who you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with, you deserve to make it a special occasion.

When in San Diego, there’s one place that is ready to present you with a Valentine’s Day experience like no other. Lionfish, loved for their modern, innovative approach to coastal cuisine, is presenting you and your lovelies with an incredible Valentine’s Day Celebration.

Valentine’s Day at Lionfish

Let’s talk for a minute about what you don’t want your Valentine’s celebration to be, and that’s cliché. While it’s always nice to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, there isn’t exactly anything new or exciting about the concept. True, we believe that it’s the company you share a meal with that matters more than anything, The person (or people) you choose to share Valentine’s Day with are the star of the show. The atmosphere and food should compliment the experience, not overpower it.

This year for Valentine’s Day, we at Lionfish have decided to take a different, fresh approach. We welcome you and your guests into our home in the iconic Pendry, Sand Diego to enjoy a lover’s feast of a different sort. Our Valentine’s menu features a three course tasting menu that’s sure to please and tantalize your senses.

The tasting menu at Lionfish is a sure way to show your palate a little love this Valentine’s Day. Chef JoJo Ruiz, and his crew of culinary masters, have designed a special menu that features all the freshness of San Diego coastal cuisine in the most unique, tantalizing, and innovated ways. Along with the specially created Valentine’s tasting menu, you’ll also be able to choose beverage from a limited cocktail menu, all for just $95. A simple, yet decadent way to treat your favorite person to something extra special this Valentine’s Day. 

Why Choose Lionfish as Your Romantic Destination in San Diego

It’s hard to deny the romance of San Diego. The culture, the coast, the energy that’s infused throughout the city. People come to San Diego to fall in love, and they inevitably become smitten with the city as well. When in San Diego, there are what seems like unlimited options of romantic dining options, all perfectly well suited for a nice dinner out.

Yet, there is one that takes the romance and charm of San Diego, perfectly exemplifies it, and uses this magic to create an amazing, memorable night out for you and your love in San Diego. Lionfish, with its presence in the Pendry, offers an environment that’s fresh and modern, yet intimate and warm. The atmosphere is inviting, and the culinary delights are nothing short of intoxicatingly and decadent while being light and perfectly symbolizing the beauty of coastal cuisine. If Cupid is planning on being anywhere in San Diego on Valentine’s Day, you can trust that it will be at Lionfish enjoying the tasting menu and falling in love himself.

Along with the most delectable coast cuisine in San Diego, you’re also going to find an expansive beverage menu at Lionfish. From a wine selection that features luscious favorites from around the world, to an impressive listing of sake, beer, and spirits, you’re sure to find just the right drink to toast your someone special on Valentine’s Day.

About Lionfish

Lionfish is the San Diego restaurant that has everyone talking. Located in the uber trendy Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, Lionfish finds its home inside the Pendry Sand Diego. It’s nestled in a spot where the action of 5th Avenue meets the quiet and serenity of the modern coastal ambiance of Lionfish. As San Diego’s premier coastal cuisine hotspot, the culinary creativity behind Lionfish is the handywork of renown Chef JoJo Ruiz. The menu features an array of sustainable seafood and a commitment to supporting local farming and agriculture.

Lionfish is a culinary destination that excites the senses and will fill your soul with love this Valentine’s Day. As a hotspot in San Diego, seating is limited. Now is the time to make your reservations for an incredible night out on Valentine’s Day that features a tasting menu from one of the city’s most treasured restaurants. Don’t let Cupid get the better of you. RSVP for a Valentine’s celebration by making your reservations at Lionfish today.