Top 5 Seafood Items

Top 5 Seafood Items

Located at San Diego’s newest luxury hotel, Lionfish serves modern coastal cuisine influenced by seasonal, and local ingredients around the city. Our Executive Chef Jose “JoJo” Ruiz lists his Top 5 “Must-Try” Dishes in no particular order:

Crispy Rock Shrimp

Lionfish Crispy Rock Shrimp
Our Crispy Rock Shrimp is made with Korean flavors like Gochujang, also known as a red chili paste for an extra kick.


Lionfish Spicy Grilled Octopus
You may have had Octopus before, but Chef JoJo puts a spin on this seafood classic with fermented chile, crispy garlic, marble potatoes, and cilantro aioli.

Nigiri Flights

Lionfish Hiramasa Nigiri Flight
What’s the difference between nigiri, sashimi and sushi you ask? Our nigiri flights are served with a specific type of sushi or a raw slice of fish over pressed rice. Sashimi is simply fresh fish served raw. Enjoy these options at Lionfish served daily.

Lobster Carpaccio

No need to head south of the border for fresh Lobster! Enjoy our Lobster Carpaccio made with crispy shallots, sherry ponzo, and a decadent brown butter aioli.

Tajin Seared Albacore

Chef JoJo Ruiz of Lionfish puts an edgy twist to modern coastal cuisine with dishes like the Tajin Seared Albacore made with finger lime, daikon radish, crispy onions, and ponzo.