Specialty Sushi at Lionfish

Specialty Sushi at Lionfish

Learn about the New Specialty Sushi at Lionfish

If you’re looking for delicious, fresh sushi in San Diego, then it’s time to go to Lionfish. Lionfish has quickly become known for its fresh-catch cooking and seasonal ingredients, and it’s conveniently located within the Pendry San Diego in the Gaslamp Quarter. Lionfish’s fresh, light appetizers are ideal for sharing, and our specialty sushi plates have quickly become favorites from our menu

Specialty Sushi at Lionfish

At Lionfish, not only do we specialize in fresh coastal cuisine, but our specialty sushi offers a distinctive, modern take on traditional sushi plates. Take our Albacore sushi, for instance – it’s paired with apple salsa and Tajin for a flavorful, elevated experience. Our Big Eye Tuna is paired with truffle mushroom, while the Striped Bass is enhanced with seasonal Kosho and Yuzu Shoyu. 

A little smoked salt and brown butter complement the natural flavors of Ora King Salmon without overwhelming it; everything we do allows you to taste the fish without blanketing it in spices or sauces.  Try the Baja Hiramasa with charred scallion and finideni, or indulge in the Steak & Uni with steak tataki, uni, and nikiri. 

Our specialty sushi rolls take the same approach, blending together multiple flavors for an artfully intricate and delicious take on traditional sushi. Our All Star roll features spicy tuna, Hiramasa, and Striped Bass. Next, we add on cucumber, radish sprouts, myer lemon, Kosho, white garlic, and ponzu to enhance the sushi’s natural flavor. 

The Bezerk roll combines shrimp tempura, avocado, OOBA, salmon belly, brown butter aioli, citrus, negi, and sweet soy for a flavor palette that you’ve never found anywhere else. The Surf and Turf takes a different route, combining seared Wagyu, avocado, Maine lobster, grilled asparagus, garlic ponzu, and crispy shallots. 

We even have a vegetarian option, The Goddess. This unique roll features tomato, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, shiso, sprouts, and sweet soy. It’s full of flavor and is a vegetarian favorite. 

Best of all, these specialty sushi plates are affordable, so you can order multiples, share them with your table, and create a delicious meal without breaking the bank. 

Specialty Sushi - Berzerk Roll at Lionfish

Additional Sushi and Sashimi Choices

Of course, we offer some traditional sushi and sashimi plates, too. The sushi dishes feature two pieces on rice, while sashimi plates offer three pieces, sliced. Choose from some delicious classic seafood sourced from all corners of the globe, including Big Eye Tuna from Hawaii, scallops from Maine, and Striped Bass and Baja Hiramasa from Baja. 

Only the Freshest, Sustainable Seafood

When you dine at Lionfish, you’ll know that your meal has been responsibly sourced. Lionfish’s dedication to serving sustainable seafood means that this seafood will be available for future generations, too. You can see just where your food is coming from on our menu, and we use many local suppliers to ensure that your food is fresh caught. 

In addition to focusing on sustainability, Lionfish dishes utilize seasonal ingredients. This means that our menu continuously evolves, with new dishes being added to reflect the changing seasons and the ingredients available at the time. This dedication to seasonal ingredients eliminates excess shipping and even saves on fuel consumption, further helping to protect the environment. Plus, it means that whenever you visit Lionfish, there are sure to be new dishes to try. 

Lionfish’s commitment to sustainability has been recognized by multiple organizations. The Surfrider Foundation has designated Lionfish as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant, meaning that we don’t use Styrofoam, follow recycling practices, only offer straws on request, and more. 

Additionally, Lionfish was recognized as a 2019 James Beard Foundation Smart Catch Leader. To earn this recognition, Lionfish had to pass three assessments over the course of a year, and had to receive at least 80% scores on those assignments. As part of the Smart Catch program, chefs are given both training and support that help them to identify and serve environmentally-responsibly sourced seafood. This Smart Catch program is a natural alignment with Lionfish’s dedication to serving sustainable seafood. 

Try the Sushi at Lionfish

If you’re craving sushi, make a reservation at Lionfish to taste sushi that goes beyond the traditional. Make your RSVP today, then join us for a delicious meal to see how we do modern, innovative sushi.