Specialty Nigiri Flights at Lionfish

Specialty Nigiri Flights at Lionfish

You may remember how we mentioned the launch of our new fall menu last week. Well, that’s because we had our official launch on 8/13/2022! And there’s so much to talk about. Sure, we do some of the best hot and cold seafood in San Diego, but today we’re going to be talking about our Speciality Nigiri Flights. We’ve talked about our Sushi, Sushi Rolls, and Sashimi plates, but why not get into the Nigiri side of things? Let’s get into it.

What is Nigiri? 

You may already be a Nigiri pro, but some of you may be new to the concept. If you’re already familiar, a refresher doesn’t hurt every now and again, does it? Nigiri sushi is that familiar style of sushi made up of an oval-shaped mound of rice with a slice of raw fish on top. The word nigiri comes from the Japanese nigirisushi, which translates as “hand-pressed sushi.”

Thus nigiri is a type of sushi where the rice is molded by hand and the fish or other topping pressed by hand atop the rice. And it’s the stickiness of the rice, combined with the moisture from the topping, that helps to adhere the strip of raw fish to the mound of rice underneath.

So there you have it. Sometimes it’s not about the ingredients, but rather how they are presented and displayed. There is no right or wrong way to eat sushi, which is why we offer some of the best options for you to try out. Let’s get into the flights.

A flight you don’t wanna miss 


Big Eye Tuna – Truffle Dijon, Marinated Mushroom | Seared Beef Fat, Smoked Salt | Red Kosho Yuzu


Big Eye Tuna – Brown Butter, Smoked Salt, Sweet Soy | Ikura, Nikiri | Crunchy Garlic, Lemon

Kampachi – Marinated Serrano, Nikiri | Yuzu, Smoked Salt | White Ponzu Aioli, Caviar

What if sushi isn’t my thing?


Hey! It’s always good to have options. Just because we offer the best sushi in San Diego doesn’t mean we don’t kill it with the hot plates. Our Duck Confit Tostadas are to die for, and who can forget about our Crispy Rock Shrimp? Maybe your company really wants seafood, but you just want to sink your teeth into a nice 8 Oz. Center Cut Filet. We’ve got you covered with plenty of options so all you have to do is show up and enjoy your evening!

About Lionfish

Lionfish is as social as the bustling neighborhood that surrounds it. Located in the Pendry San Diego in the city’s trendy Gaslamp Quarter sits Lionfish, the dynamic, design-driven hotspot on 5th Avenue that honors the essence of the city’s lifestyle. The restaurant offers modern coastal cuisine that features fresh-catch cooking and seasonal ingredients, all prepared with innovative twists. The menu, featuring both sustainable seafood and prime meats, toys with guest’s tastebuds with its casual, yet complex offerings. The light, fresh appetizers are perfect for sharing. A private dining area is available for a more intimate experience. A lively, yet elegant environment within the two-level space, Lionfish is not only a culinary destination, but it’s also a home for hand-crafted cocktails, all of which are carefully prepared by high-end mixologists in the restaurant’s rambunctious bar.


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