Reinvent Thursday Evenings with Sake to Me Thursday at Lionfish

Reinvent Thursday Evenings with Sake to Me Thursday at Lionfish

Join Lionfish for a Culinary Indulgence with Sake to Me Thursdays

It’s Thursday night, and you’re looking for something to do. You want to step away from the usual thirsty Thursday routine for something that excites all your senses. You have a craving for fresh, delectable seafood, a desire to soak up some amazing atmosphere, and an urge to try something new. If these are the thoughts roaming through your head, we’d like to invite you to join Lionfish for something a little extra special on Thursday evenings.

Lionfish has officially welcomed our Sake To Me Thursdays, and we’re more than a little excited to share them with you. We have something very special planned when you walk through our doors on Thursday.

Wondering what we’re talking about? We’ll give you a little hint. It has something to do with the experience of sharing a little sake and enjoying the culinary mastery that Lionfish has become famous for.

The Beauty of Sake

Sake is Japanese rice wine that is the product of a fermented rice, which is often referred to as a rice wine but technically it isn’t. Wine by definition, is alcohol that is fermented from the sugars in fruit, such as grapes or berries. Sake on the other hand is made from fermented rice, which is a grain. The brewing process involved in making sake is more similar to what you find with beer, however sake seems to stand alone in its own category of unique spirits.

One thing that sake does have in common with its fermented fruit counterpart is that there are many different varieties, each expressing a unique set of characteristics. If you’ve tried sake in the past and just weren’t a fan, we’re here to encourage to give it another shot. Our sake connoisseurs are Lionfish are here to help guide you into choosing the perfect sake for your personal tastes, or to compliment your meal.

If you’re already a lover of sake then you’re already familiar with the different types of sake and what separates them apart. For the uninitiated, or for those who are may have tried sake only once or twice, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised when you discover the world of sake that’s just waiting for your exploration. At Lionfish, we’ve curated a sake menu that highlights the many different types of sake and their nuances.

Whether you’re in the mood for something a little effervescent, such as a bubbling sake with hints of sweet fruitiness, or something rich and creamy like a Nigori, we have the sake that’s going to make your Thursday evening one that’s unforgettable.

What Is Sake To Me Thursday at Lionfish

When you’re ready to explore the world of sake, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Once a week, Lionfish offers a Sake To Me Thursday Event. Every Thursday, starting at 5pm, you can join us at Lionfish for a one of a kind event. What happens during this magical time at Lionfish? Incredible things, and we’re not even going to tell you about all of them.

At Lionfish on Thursdays, you’re welcome to join us and enjoy select bottles of sake for half off their normal menu pricing. To make the offer even more tempting, we’re also featuring a secret menu that you must attend to be privy to. You can trust the culinary masterminds at Lionfish to create a Sake To Me Thursday Menu that perfectly complements the exquisite sakes offered and will have you making your reservations for next week before you even walk out the door.

About Lionfish

Located in the Pendry San Diego, in the city’s Gaslamp Quarter, is the hotspot that has the whole town talking. Lionfish is the place to be in San Diego for modern coastal cuisine in dishes created by today’s most innovative culinary minds. Still, Lionfish is more than an amazing spot in San Diego for exceptional coastal food. With the guidance and inspiration of Chef JoJo Ruiz, Lionfish brings something new and fresh to San Diego, and the concept of sustainable seafood.

Lionfish’s menu features an array of sustainable proteins, including the most delectable seafood selections in the San Diego area. Each and every dish is created to ensure the true character of the ingredients is brought to light and that your taste buds are treated to an experience like no other.

Lionfish provides a refreshing, lively, yet sophisticated environment for you to enjoy amazing culinary creations, exquisite hand crafted cocktails, and of course the indulgence of the silkiest sake. This experience is waiting for you. All you need to do is contact Lionfish to RSVP and make your reservations for Sake To Me Thursday today.