New Hot and Cold Plates at Lionfish

New Hot and Cold Plates at Lionfish

Nigiri or Sashimi? Lionfish - Hot and Cold Plates

Hot and Cold Plates at Lionfish: Fall 2019

With the arrival of fall, Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine has released a new hot and cold plate menu. Not only do we still have some of your favorite hot and cold plates, but we’re also excited to share some new, exciting, and delicious plates with you. It’s another reason to make sure to visit Lionfish soon! 

Why the Lionfish Menu Changes

Lionfish is committed to offering flavorful, fresh cuisine. With the nearby Pacific Ocean, we’re lucky to have access to fresh-catch seafood, ensuring that we’re able to bring you the very best quality dishes. 

Because the seafood catch seasons change, the ingredients available to us fluctuate with the seasons. As the fishermen catch different types of seafood, we adjust our menu to reflect those different ingredients. By serving dishes made of seasonal ingredients, we’re helping to preserve the environment. Rather than shipping ingredients across the country or using frozen elements, choosing only fresh ingredients that are readily available preserves resources, since we’re not using unnecessary fuel, energy, or other supplies. That dedication to sustainability is one of the elements that makes Lionfish an Ocean Friendly Restaurant.

Sustainability and ingredient availability aside, changing our menu is fun, both for you and for our chefs. We get to put our creativity to work in the kitchen, providing you with a revitalized menu with some delicious surprises. Because our menu evolves with the seasons, you’ll always be able to look forward to something new when you visit Lionfish. There’s no eating the same dish again and again here, simply because there are too many new flavors and options to try. 

If one of your favorite dishes is no longer on our menu, don’t worry. As the seasons change, our menu will continue to change, so you’re likely to see that dish, or something similar to it, back on the menu again. Visit Lionfish year-round to try new dishes off of the ever-evolving menu. 

Lionfish Cold Plates for Fall 2019

Our cold plates selection features some new additions for Fall 2019. Enjoy your classic favorites like our Big-Eye Tuna Pizza, topped with flavorful truffle mustard, red onions, and micro shiso. You’ll also be pleased to see that our Lobster Carpaccio is still on the menu. Rather than a traditional beef carpaccio, our seafood twist on this dish is enhanced by crispy shallots, sherry ponzu, and brown butter aioli. The Hiramasa Crudo also returns, and this gluten-free dish features black garlic, orange, fennel, harissa, and watercress. 

You’ll also see some new cold plate options, too. Our Sashimi Salad blends together the best flavors of tuna, salmon, hiramasa, and bass, complemented by cucumber, seaweed, sesame, and dashi pickled onion. The NY Steak Tataki with mustard seed, scallion, garlic ponzu, and beef fat aioli is full of flavor, and the Tajin Seared Albacore is topped with daikon radish, crispy onions, and ponzu. For a light, exciting flavor, try the Pacifico Striped Bass Sashimi with lime, chili, coconut, and serrano. 

Lionfish Sushi - Closeup

Lionfish Hot Plates for 2019

If hot plates are more to your taste, we’ve added some exciting new dishes to our selection. The Chicken & Shrimp Siu Mai features scallions, soylantro sauce, and hot mustard for a full-bodied flavor. Be sure to also try our Braised Salt Spring Mussels, served with chorizo soffritto, saffron butter, albarino, and griddled bread. Have a taste for pineapple? The Pork Belly Adobada features both grilled pineapple and charred pineapple salsa roja, as well as avocado. 

We also have some much-loved classics returning, too. Our Butter-Poached King Crab Leg is the ultimate indulgence, served with caviar, leeks, lemon, and plenty of roasted butter. The Crispy Rock Shrimp is served hot and crispy, topped with gochujang and Japanese style aioli. Our Duck Confit Tostadas are a fusion of duck confit, fois gras crema Mexicana, charred scallion, and cabbage. 

And, of course, our Spicy Grilled Octopus is back. This highly popular dish is livened up with fermented chile, crispy garlic, crispy potatoes, and cilantro aioli. It packs just the right amount of heat, and did we mention that it’s gluten-free? 

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