Lionfish: Meet the Specialty Rolls

Lionfish: Meet the Specialty Rolls

specialty rolls

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Sushi Specialty Rolls

If you’ve ever sampled the sushi at Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine, then you know that it’s unlike anything else. Our serendipitous San Diego location means that we have unparallelled access to excellent seafood, and our accomplished chefs ensure that it’s prepared in creative and delicious ways.

If you really want to try something special, be sure to sample the offerings under our Specialty Rolls section of the menu. Available during dinner hours and during our spectacular happy hour, our rolls are works of fusion cuisine art that will wow your taste buds and appeal to your foodie sensibilities. Here, we’ll offer a comprehensive overview and introduction to the specialty rolls, including our menu and happy hour offerings and how to best pair them with delicious beverages!

specialty rolls

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Specialty rolls: the Lionfish dinner menu

Here, you’ll discover the trinity of amazing specialty rolls on our regular dinner menu.

Golden Boy:

This hand roll is made with spicy tuna, salmon, striped sea bass, cucumber, radish sprouts, meyer lemon kosho, and white garlic ponzu.

Suggested drink pairings:

This roll packs a little heat and spice thanks to the spicy tuna and radish sprouts. Spice is always nice with a sparkling beverage or with something slightly sweet, so here are three drinks to try with it:

  • Sho Chiku Bai, Mio: This is a unique, sparkling sake with a sweet aroma and fruity flavor that will leave you feeling refreshed while eating the Golden Boy roll.
  • Rice-Paper-Scissors: If you prefer to try a cocktail with your roll, give our Rice-Paper-Scissors a try. It’s made with Plymouth Gin, Junmai Ginjo Saké, Pimm’s Mix, lemon, cucumber, and Ichimi Togarashi Syrup.
  • Dry Rosé: Feeling like a glass of wine? A dry rose wine is always a great pick with an element of spice, cooling it down and working with a complementary acidity.

Keep it Classy:

You don’t have to keep your pinkies out while eating this roll, but you can if you want to, because you will indeed feel that classy feasting upon its melange of subtle flavors.  It’s made with Shrimp tempura, Big Eye tuna, avocado, togarashi, cucumber kimchi, and gochujang cream.

Suggested drink pairings:

There’s a lot of texture and flavor going on in this roll, from the crunchiness of the tempura to the creaminess of the avocado to the pungency of the cucumber kimchi. Here are some drinks that will make these flavors come alive:

  • Pinot Grigio: A lively Pinot Grigio has enough acidity to “cut” through the crispy tempura, but also works with the bold flavors of the kimchi.
  • Jokigen, Red Kimoto: This sake is well suited to pairing with the Keep it Classy roll. Aromatic and medium-bodied, it has a delicate creaminess that picks up the avocado, and a slightly acidic finish that works well with the kimchi. You may notice nuances of wild black cherry in its flavor, too.
  • Coronado Island: Craving a cocktail with your roll? Try our Coronado Island, made with Belvedere Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Bacardi Superior Rum, Fernet, citrus, seltzer, and finished with fleur de sel.

specialty rolls

(Source: Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine Instagram feed)

Surf and Turf:

If you want to go big before you go home, try this specialty roll, which features seared wagyu, avocado, Maine lobster, grilled asparagus, garlic ponzu, and crispy shallots.

Suggested drink pairings:

The flavors in the Surf and Turf roll are unique, so you need to choose similarly unique drinks to pair with it. Here are our picks:

  • Momokawa “Champion”, Daiginjo Shizuku: This rare and handcrafted small batch sake releases complex aromas of rich, dark anise, cedar, subtle mint and earth notes like dark forest moss and sun warmed fallen leaves. Herb, pear and subtle melon flavors on the palate finish off what is undoubtedly one of the world’s finest sake offerings.
  • White and red: The Maine lobster goes well with a white; the seared wagyu goes with a red. The solution? Have a glass of each. Try this specialty roll with a Chardonnay, then follow it up with a Cabernet.

Meet the Happy Hour hand rolls

Every Monday through Friday at Lionfish, we offer additional specialty rolls for just $8 each! Here’s what you can expect to find during our epic Happy Hour:

$8 hand rolls. Believe the dream: our hand rolls are just $8 during Happy Hour! You can take your pick between a myriad of options:

  • Spicy Baked Crab: prepared with crispy onions, spicy aioli, and soy paper
  • Spicy Crispy Rock Shrimp: prepared with scallions, spicy aioli, and soy paper
  • Spicy Tuna: prepared with cucumber, sprouts, spicy aioli, and soy paper
  • Spicy Salmon: prepared with scallions, spicy aioli, and soy paper
  • Veggie: Prepared with tofu, marinated mushrooms, avocado, cucumber, and sprouts

These hand rolls are well-paired with our variety of equally incredible drink specials, including $5 draft beers, $7 glasses of wine, and $8 cocktails.

As you can see by reading through this post, our specialty rolls are really quite special. These creative rolls reflect the ingenuity of our chefs, but also a knowledge about world cuisine. They truly offer a unique fusion food experience that is unlike any other sushi you’ve tried. We hope to see you soon at Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine so you can sample them for yourself!

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