Lionfish: Happy Hour Drink Pairings

Lionfish: Happy Hour Drink Pairings

gaslamp happy hour

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Gaslamp San Diego Happy Hour

Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine offers one of the best Happy Hours in San Diego. Make it even better by choosing the perfect food and beverage pairing!

If you’ve ever visited during our epic Happy Hour, then you know it’s an early evening event that can’t be missed. With incredible specials on our creative cuisine, cocktails, wine, and a variety of beers, it’s a great way to enjoy world class food and drinks at killer prices. To help maximize your happiness during our Happy Hour with these carefully curated food and drink pairings.

When is Happy Hour at Lionfish?

Every weekday! From Monday through Friday, we offer Happy Hour from 5-7pm. It’s the perfect time slot for a post-work drink with coworkers or friends, or to enjoy a delicious pre-dinner cocktail and snack. 

A guide to Lionfish Happy Hour Drinks

Before we discuss pairings, get to know our drinks. Here’s the rundown of our Happy Hour drink specials:

  • $5 beers. During the Lionfish Happy Hour, we offer select draft beers for just $5 each. Our offerings include Ballast Point Sculpin, Mother Earth Cali Creamin, Stella Artois, Bud Light, Pacifico, and Kirin Ichiban.
  • $7 wines. During our Happy Hour, you can score a variety of wines for just $7 per glass. We offer a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a Falanghina (a citrusy yet delicate white wine) from Campania, a Malbec from Argentina, and a Rhone blend from the south of France. 
  • $8 cocktails. During Happy Hour, select cocktails are offered for just $8 each. The offerings? Our Rice-Paper-Scissors (made with Hendrick’s Gin, Junmai Ginjo Sake, Pimm’s Mix, lemon, cucumber, and Ichimi Togarashi syrup), our Coronado Island (made with Belvedere Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Bacardi Superior Rum, Fernet, citrus, seltzer, and fleur de sel), or our G-Mail (made with Hennessy VS, Rothman and Winter Orchard Apricot, honey, and lime).

Happy Hour Drink Pairings

Now that you’ve gotten to know the drinks, let’s talk about our food offerings and which drinks to pair with them!

gaslamp happy hour

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$1 oysters. You can’t find a better deal than this! For Happy Hour, we offer Kumiai Baja Oysters with a house-made mignonette for a dollar each.

Suggested drink pairing: Oysters love something cold and bubbly. Your favorite draft beer makes for a fantastic pairing; if you’re a cocktail lover, try them with our Coronado Island cocktail. If bubbles aren’t floating your boat, a crisp white like our Sauvignon Blanc is always an elegant choice.

$8 hot and cold plates:

Tajin Seared Albacore: This elegant dish is prepared with finger lime, daikon radish, crispy onions, and ponzu.

Suggested drink pairing: Our Falanghina, with its citrus-forward notes, picks up the citrus of the ponzu.

NY Steak Tataki: This richly flavored dish is prepared with mustard seed, scallion, garlic ponzu, and beef fat aioli.

Suggested drink pairing: A robust Malbec is perfect for picking up on all that rich, beefy flavor.

Crispy Rock Shrimp: This crispy dish is prepared with gochujang and Japanese-style aioli.

Suggested drink pairing: The savory and spicy flavors in this dish are tempered with a cocktail like our cooling Rice-Paper-Scissors, which includes refreshing cucumber as part of the mix.

Maple-Sriracha Pork Belly “BLT”: This unctuous dish is prepared with tomato jam, chicories, serrano chile dressing, and avocado.

Suggested drink pairing: So many choices! A crisp white such as Sauvignon Blanc acts as a pleasing contrast to this rich dish; a beer offers a perfectly buoyant pairing as well. Or, consider a slightly sweet cocktail like our G-Mail cocktail, which includes apricot and honey, to pick up on the maple flavor.

gaslamp happy hour

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Duck Confit Tostadas: These addictive bites are prepared with foie gras crema Mexicana, charred scallion, and savoy cabbage.

Suggested drink pairing: A lighter colored beer like Pacifico makes for the perfect pairing to this flavorful dish; or, to make it extra sophisticated, pair them with a glass of our Rhone blend from Southern France.

$8 hand rolls.

Spicy Baked Crab: Addictive! This roll is made with crispy onions, spicy aioli, and soy paper

Suggested drink pairing: The crispy crab and rich flavor are perfect with a cocktail like our Rice-Paper-Scissors refresher.

Spicy Crispy Rock Shrimp: Oh my yum! This roll is made with scallions, spicy aioli, and soy paper.

Suggested drink pairing: Try this delicious roll with our Coronado Island cocktail, which has a touch of sweetness to balance out the spice.

Spicy Tuna: Spice is nice! This roll is made with cucumber, sprouts, spicy aioli, and soy paper.

Suggested drink pairing: A beer is perfect for balancing out the spice in this roll. A Kirin Ichiban is a great pick; or, if you prefer a cocktail, consider our Rice-Paper-Scissors cocktail.

Spicy Salmon: prepared with scallions, spicy aioli, and soy paper

Suggested drink pairing: Once again, a beer like a Kirin Ichiban is perfect for balancing out the spice. A Kirin Ichiban is a great pick. Our Rice-Paper-Scissors cocktail is also a perfect pairing!

Veggie: Looking for a veggie-friendly roll? Here’s the perfect pick. It’s prepared with tofu, marinated mushrooms, avocado, cucumber, and sprouts.

Suggested drink pairing: A crisp Ballast Point Sculpin works wonders with this veggie-friendly dish, or try it with our Coronado Island cocktail for a bright contrast!

As you can see, our thoughtful Happy Hour menu can be mixed and matched in dozens of delicious ways! This post can act as your primer for getting started; from there, feel free to experiment and discover your own favorites! We hope to see you soon at Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine so you can sample these delicious offerings for yourself.

What’s your favorite Happy Hour pairing?