How to Pair Wine and Seafood

How to Pair Wine and Seafood

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Paring Wine and Seafood

When it comes to really making the most of any type of cuisine, you want to make sure that you are pairing it with the right type of wine. Wine and food pairings can be complex. The right wine can really bring out the flavors in your food, while the wrong wine can actually prevent you from getting the full pallet of flavors from your dish. This is why pairings are so important.

When it comes these types of pairings, there is nothing that is as difficult to pair as wine and seafood. These pairings have always been notoriously difficult and some people just assume that all white wines go best with all types of seafood. But, it isn’t always that simple. This is why we have created a quick guide of how you can pair seafood and fish.

  • Sparkling wine goes great with fried seafood. While light beer is always a classic option for fried food, if you are enjoying something fried or made with tempura, then a nice sparkling wine is going to really cut through the weight of the food and deliver a delicious taste you are going to love.
  • Fatty fish goes well with dry wine. If you have a real fatty seafood like mussels or lobster or even catfish, then you want a really dry , crisp white wine like a chenin blanc or a pinot grigio.
  • Try Chardonay with shelled fish. If you are eating lobster, crab or raw oysters, then a oaky white wine like chardonnay is actually going to go really well with the flavor.
  • Eat shrimp with sherry. If you are eating shrimp, whether its cooked shrimp or steamed shrimp, or even shrimp cocktails, then a dry sherry is a great wine to go with it.
  • Try a light red with full-flavored fish. If you have a full-flavored fish like salmon, marlin, mackerel or tuna, then they pair best with a light red wine. Most people shun away from red wines and seafood, but light reds go really well with this type of fish.
  • Grilled fish goes great with Rose. If you are planning on eating grilled fish, such as swordfish or tuna steak, that is grilled then a Rose is going to go great with this dish. They also go great with tomato-based seafood soups such as Maryland Crab soup. Full-bodied whites can also be used instead of Rose.

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