Global Flavor Inspirations at Lionfish

Global Flavor Inspirations at Lionfish

Lionfish global flavor

It’s hard to assign a single label to Lionfish Coastal Cuisine

On the one hand, sure — we’re a seafood restaurant. Fresh catch options abound, and our menu makes the most of the bounty of the sea at our Smart Catch-certified restaurant.

But we’ve got so much more than that to share. Throughout our menu, we’ve got all sorts of creative dishes with a distinctly global flair to share. 

Curious about the flavors on show on at Lionfish? Here, we’ll guide you through some of the exciting flavors from around the world featured on our menu:











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Asian Influences 

Asian ingredients and cooking techniques always add a unique element to finished dishes. At Lionfish, we’ve got a variety of dishes that boast a little Asian flair. 

To start, consider our Japanese Style Tomato Salad. This is a masterpiece of fresh produce, made with market heirloom tomatoes, red shiso, boucheron, nori furikake, rye chili oil, and white amazu ponzu. 

Our Hot Plates menu features Asian-inspired goodness like our Chicken & Shrimp Siu Mai, served with scallion, soylantro sauce, and hot mustard.

We’ve also got an incredible sushi menu, featuring specialty sushi, sashimi, and creative rolls like the “Berzerk” roll, made with shrimp tempura, avocado, OOBA, salmon belly, brown butter aioli, citrus, negi, and sweet soy. 

In terms of entrees, offerings like our Coal Grilled Local Yellowtail will have you dreaming of its Asian-inspired flavors for days … It’s served with a beautiful melange of butter confit wild mushrooms, daikon, savoy cabbage, and tosazu sauce. 

Lionfish Asian Influence













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Mexican and Latin American Flavor Sensations 

Who can resist the zesty spices and robust flavors of Mexican and Latin American cooking? Not our Chefs! They love the bright and zippy flavors from these cuisines, and they figure prominently in the Lionfish menu.

For example, you won’t want to miss Hot Plate options like our Duck Confit Tostadas, served with crema Mexicana, charred scallion, and savoy cabbage … or our Pork Belly Adobada, served with grilled pineapple, avocado, and charred pineapple salsa roja.   

Middle Eastern Touches 

Chef JoJo Ruiz loves the flavors of the Middle East, and it’s evident on our menu.

Subtle Middle Eastern touches abound on a variety of dishes like our Kale Salad, which is prepared with carrot, sesame seed, hen egg, parmesan, avocado, pickled shallots, and tahini dressing. 

And definitely don’t miss the lovely Pan Roasted Lamb Strip Loin, prepared with red onion, mint, arugula, eggplant puree, and pistachio and golden raisin aillade.  

Fusion Flavors

Some menu items simply defy categorization. These menu items embrace different global flavors on the same plate! 

You’ll love our Braised Salt Spring Mussels … they’re served with chorizo sofrito, saffron butter, albarino, and of course … griddled bread for soaking up that sweet, sweet broth. 

On our Cold Plates menu, you’ll find NY Steak Tataki that incorporates Asian and Middle Eastern flavors with a little bit of North African flair thrown in. It’s made with mustard seed, scallion, garlic ponzu, beef fat aioli and hiramasa crudo, black garlic, orange, fennel, harissa, and watercress.

Lionfish ice cream











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Globally Inspired Drinks and Desserts, Too! 

Our drinks and desserts menus also feature flavors from around the world! 

Our impressive wine menu includes options from all around the world — Italy, France, Spain … and so many more. Our creative cocktail list includes globally inspired flavors too like our “Put a Sake in It” cocktail — a tasty concoction made with Grey Goose, matcha sake, coconut, honey, lime, and almond dust. 

As for dessert? Consider this: Churro Ice Cream Sandwich. This beauty is made with white chocolate crumble, vanilla bean ice cream, and served with caramel sauce. 

Or how bout our Cheesecake Crepe Cake? It’s made with brown butter roasted strawberries, strawberry sorbet, and white chocolate graham crumble. 

Around the World at Lionfish! 

At Lionfish Coastal Cuisine, our globally inspired menu offers a foodie adventure that doesn’t require leaving sunny San Diego! 

We want to share our love of food with you, and our creative, globally-inspired menu is the perfect way to explore the capabilities of our talented Chefs. Ready to try what we have to offer? Make a reservation today!  

Which globally inspired dish do you want to try first?