Featured Sake at Lionfish

Featured Sake at Lionfish

Is it even possible to have sushi without throwing some Sake in the mix? We say there isn’t, and that’s why people think we not only have the best Sushi in San Diego, but also some of the best Sake. And we’re glad to say if you’re looking for something fruity, or dry, or anything in between, we’ve got an extensive list of Sake and premium Sake from every region at our bar that’s waiting to be paired and enjoyed. Just take a look at our drink menu!




Kibo – Iwate – A light-to-medium bodied sake with aromatic and floral honey notes balanced with hints of almond and a dry finish.


Sho Chiku Bai “Classic” – Usa – Well Balanced and full body. Slightly Dry. Winner of Gold Medal Award 2011 US National Sake Appraisal.


“Cocoo” – Hokkaido – Sweet and tangy sake that can be enjoyed like wine. Lychee and tropical fruit on the nose and palate.


Enter Sookuu Junmai – Kyoto – Clean, compact, and tight with notes of earthiness, rich, savory, nutty and dark chocolate licks.

“Nagomi” Karakuchi Extra Dry – Hiroshima – Limited Production Sake. Bold & Extra Dry, but with a sweet sensation from the Koji.


Kokushi-Musoo Junmai – Hokkaido – Made using spring water of “Taisestuzan” mountains. This is orthodox Junmai sake with a koji fragrance, with a touch of dryness and crispness. Rich and flavorful. (Great everyday sake for everyone)


Tozaiv ‘Living Jewel’ – Kyoto – Limited Production Sake. Bold & Extra Dry, but with a sweet sensation from the Koji


Ippin-Ibaraki – Electric nose filled with dried fruit, leaves, earthy elements, peach and chestnuts aromas


Junmai Ginjo

Premium: Crisp, Aromatic, & Refreshing


Sho Chiku Bai – Usa – Delicate, dry and silky smooth. Rich flavor with fruity aromas of an apple bouquet.


Momokawa, Diamond – Oregon Kura- A medium-dry and crisp sake with flavors of apple, pear, melon and mild anise on the nose


Pure Dawn – Akita – Hints of orange peel and light floral notes with an underlying minerality. Fresh and well structured, with subtle notes of pear and Fuji apple.


Rihaku, Wandering Poet – Shimane – Notes of banana and ripe honeydew with a clean, crisp acidity that highlights its light-to-medium body. The lingering finish moves from juicy fruitiness to green, herbal notes


Heavensake Sake Baby – Hygoto – Floral with notes of Iris and Jasmine flowers followed by fruity notes of pears $ white plum


Heavensake ’12’ – Hygoto – Salted caramel cacau, kumquat and almond


Murai Family ‘Sugidama’ – Aomori – Smooth and fruity with a light and refreshing finish. Aromas of tropical fruits, ripe pineapple and banana are followed by flavors of dried pear and kiwi

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Lionfish is as social as the bustling neighborhood that surrounds it. Located in the Pendry San Diego in the city’s trendy Gaslamp Quarter sits Lionfish, the dynamic, design-driven hotspot on 5th Avenue that honors the essence of the city’s lifestyle. The restaurant offers modern coastal cuisine that features fresh-catch cooking and seasonal ingredients, all prepared with innovative twists. The menu, featuring both sustainable seafood and prime meats, toys with guest’s tastebuds with its casual, yet complex offerings. The light, fresh appetizers are perfect for sharing. A private dining area is available for a more intimate experience. A lively, yet elegant environment within the two-level space, Lionfish is not only a culinary destination, but it’s also a home for hand-crafted cocktails, all of which are carefully prepared by high-end mixologists in the restaurant’s rambunctious bar.