Can’t Be Missed: Dessert at Lionfish

Can’t Be Missed: Dessert at Lionfish

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Lionfish San Diego Dessert

Most people know Lionfish for our modern coastal cuisine and for our fresh take on delicious, fresh seafood. However, here at Lionfish, we do more than just coastal cuisine, we create full dining experiences that are exquisite and delicious from beginning to end. And by end, of course, we mean a delicious dessert.

Here at Lionfish we truly believe that every great meal should be capped off with a great dessert. Under the direction of Executive Chef JoJo Ruiz, Lionfish now has a delectable menu of sweet treats that compliment Lionfish’s main courses and the unique, sophisticated pallet that we are known for. Now that we have you in the mood for something sweet, why not take a look at some of our can’t miss desserts.

Layered Tiramisu

This classic Italian dessert has a fun chocolate twist that is sweet and delectable but still light enough to not feel overwhelming. This layered dessert is made with milk chocolate custard, mascarpone mousse and chocolate ganache. Just in case you haven’t had enough chocolate with this dessert, we even top it off with some real cocoa crumbles.

Layered Chocolate Cake

We take a fun twist on classic chocolate cake, by adding butterscotch flavoring and Carmelia pearls to this chocolate ganache cake. It is the perfect chocolate lover’s dream for someone who needs a real sweet treat to top off their meal. It is also one of our most popular desserts for sharing.

Peanut Caramel Tart

Not all delicious desserts need to be made with chocolate. Just take our Peanut Caramel Tart for example. This delicious peanut dessert is made with smoked sea salt meringue, peanut brittle and kettle corn. As if that doesn’t have your mouth watering with salty goodness, we also pair this nutty dessert with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Pistachio Cannoli

If you love classic cannolis as much as we do, then you are going to drool over this Pistachio Cannoli. It features a classic cannoli along with St. Germain soaked berries and pistachio ice cream. It is truly a must-try addition to our dessert menu.

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Yes, the name of this dessert is just as delicious as it sounds. This dessert is made with a real churro along with white chocolate crumble, vanilla bean ice cream and real caramel sauce. Together this makes one of the most sweet and delicious desserts you will ever try.

Strawberry Shortcake

If you are in the mood for a dessert that is fresh and fruity, then this strawberry shortcake is just for you. This sweet cake is made with our house made strawberry ice cream, which you have to taste to believe. We top it off with brown butter roasted strawberries and real white chocolate.

If you think that these desserts sound great, wait until you taste them! These desserts are truly some of the best items on our menu and you can enjoy them in our stunning restaurant location, right here in the heart of the Gaslamp District of San Diego. So, next time you are looking for a complete dining experience that is delicious from the first appetizer and pre-dinner drink to the final bite of dessert then make sure that you come down to Lionfish to experience our sweet endings menu first-hand.