Come for the Seafood, Stay for the Baked Alaska!

Come for the Seafood, Stay for the Baked Alaska!

The Baked Alaska is one of our new menu items that is quickly becoming a local favorite! Now, we know you’re wondering “Alaska, in San Diego?” Listen, it’s not that crazy of an idea. Yeah we do seafood, and we serve some food from the land as well, but let’s not sleep on the desserts! Some would even argue that dessert is the best part of dinner. We’re going one further and saying that our Baked Alaska is the best part about Dessert! So yes, while San Diego is mostly known for its seafood restaurants, it should be known that you do not want to sleep on the dessert!


What is a Baked Alaska?

A Baked Alaska is traditionally a dessert consisting of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue. The ice cream is placed in a pie dish lined with slices of sponge cake and topped with meringue. The entire dish is placed under extreme heat for a very brief period of time. This important step allows the merengue to caramalise, but without melting the ice cream.

I’m not really into merengue, what else you got? 

Listen, we only have four desserts on our menu. This gives you options. Option one: if there are four of you, you each order one, and everybody shares, or option two: you’ve gotta come back three more times after your first visit to make sure you try them all. We have the best seafood in San Diego, so there are plenty of reasons to come back to try everything at least once!

Honey Panna Cotta – Farmers Market Passionfruit, St Germain Macerated Blackberries, Burnt Honey Tuile, Sable Breton Cookie


Secret Tart – Caramelized Banana Cream, Coconut Mousse, Sea Salt Butterscotch **Nut Allergy**

Lemon Meringue Crepe Cake – Guava Sorbet, White Chocolate Crumble, Toasted Sea Salt Meringue, Farmer Market Citrus

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich – White Chocolate Crumble, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce

Save some room, that’s all we’re asking! 


Sure, you can fill up on Nigiri Flights or oysters, and we’re not going to blame you. That’s a solid choice, but maybe just get a dessert for the table, and you can share it. Or if you filled up on our sushi rolls, maybe back on a Sunday for drinks and desserts so you can truly appreciate the flavor profiles we have to offer. We get it… it’s hard to tackle a serious surf and turf and then have room for a churro ice cream sandwich, so consider this an open invitation to come back for dessert if you don’t have room after your first go around.


About Lionfish

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